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What is Healing Reimagined?

Healing Reimagined, LLC is a private practice whose mission it is to create accessible and inclusive healing spaces for individuals and communities using an anti-racist lens. Our vision is that in these reimagined spaces we will explore our curiosity about healing as individuals and communities; we believe this is as much about hope and possibility as it is about honoring our pain. We hope to understand how we got here, how to create and advocate for change, and how to imagine a more equitable future.

A commitment to clients: We will explore and honor all of the pieces of who you are; each part of your identity (race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and more) impacts how you experience the world and how the world responds to you. We will seek opportunities to better understand systemic barriers to wellness, our own white privilege and how that can show up in the therapeutic space, and ways to integrate anti-racist practice and policy in all that we do.

A commitment to community: We will operationalize the "social justice" principle of social work by challenging injustices in our communities as advocates, allies, and accomplices in the fight against oppression and inequality.

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Meet Kim

Kim Mackanic is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor (LCADC), and an EMDR Certified Therapist and Consultant who has been offering therapeutic services since 2009. She opened Healing Reimagined, LLC with the goal of creating a space for herself, her clients, and the community that matches her vision for healing work. She sees the world through an EMDR lens, but believes in integrating a variety of techniques. Kim combines "here and now" skills that help you get through the days between sessions (grounding, time management, problem solving, etc.) with the exploration of old wounds which are often rooted in disturbing events and negative beliefs. And hopefully, you'll find some moments of joy along the way!

Kim also provides Clinical Supervision, EMDRIA Consultation, and Professional Mentorship.

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A Reimagined Partnership

At Healing Reimagined, we believe that building community with like-minded clinicians, therapists, and healers is an essential part of achieving our mission and bringing our vision to life. We have built relationships with experienced, trauma-informed, anti-racist clinicians who are available for a variety of therapeutic services.

Meet the Partners